Gov. Theodor A. Orji Stoned in Aba

We have been reading about how negligent the Governor of Abia State, T. A. Orji has been to Aba, and her residents.
The most recent news on the governor’s chronic indifference to the needs of Aba and her inhabitants is that snakes and rodents and insects are now occupying most of the beds in Aba general hospital.

Theodor Orji

Theodor Orji

Same reports indicates that the
hospital lawns and gardens are now big abandoned farms.
Civil servants in Abia have not been paid any salaries  for 3 months and more.
There were earlier reports of pot holes all over the adjoining streets to major streets of Aba, and a big lake on Port Harcourt road south bound.

It is surprising that some of us here feel the problems of Aba is such unchalengeable by any governments and they are calling for inhabitants and businesses in Aba for assistance.
This writer thinks Aba residents do not need to do any more things to help T. A. Orji fix Aba or pay workers’ salaries.

Granted that some of Aba problems started as soon as Dee Sam Mbakwe, former governor of old Imo state, left Aba,  and Governor Orji Uzo Kanu took over, and now T. A. Orji, can’t any human, in the position of governor have a common sense that these problem – garbage, roads, sanitation,  over congestion, do not fade away without a human attention, and that they get worse every day that passes bye .

To all who believe T. A. Orji needs help with Aba, please note that
Aba people  have , as required by law, been  contributing their part for the upkeep of  our town, Aba. They pay their taxes.

There is this thing we call government. It is an organized  city or state management organ.
There are usually in charge personnel whose duty it is to care for the needs of the city. T A Orji, is that man for Aba, in Abia state.
It is the responsibility of the government to provide basic services such as sanitation and maintenance of public infrastructures in the state.

The way citizens help the government in providing some government  services for the citizens is by paying taxes.
There are individual income tax, property tax, sanitation tax or levy, business tax, business registration,  or premises levy or tax. There are possibly other taxes and levies being paid to Aba local government and Abia state government  by residents and businesses in Aba.

There is also some money allocations from the federal government meant for the states to provide services the citizens of Aba deserve.

One of the reasons this federal money comes to Abia is because human beings live in Abia and Aba.

Federal allocations are our money in the custody of the federal government.
Abuja won’t be in the business of identifying dirty hospitals, dirty streets, abandoned pot holes in Aba, and then send money to individual landlords and tenants to do own thing, fixing public  infrastructure for the state.

The best channel for federal money to reach us is via our state and local governments.

The best way individual citizens get their share of the money is via services the government makes possible.

A neglect or none payment of salaries to workers by any governor is a criminal act .Any governor that refuses to pay government workers’ salaries on time is robbing his workers point blank.

A neglect of Aba general hospital by T A ORJI is an act of a possessed devil. It is wicked.
For those who think Aba residents are not helping T.A. Orji in rehabilitating Aba,  would you, based on your premise that residents and businesses in Aba should help with Aba problems, be asking Abia civil servants in Aba to start knocking on their neighbors’ doors for their salaries?
My people, this idea of pitying and excusing and exonorating  our  governments of their responsibilities are some of the reasons some of our leaders rob us with our eyes open.

They won’t use money meant for the upkeep of Aba, for Aba. They rather use it to buy personal homes in NYC and rent expensive Park Ave. N Y. apartments for their girl friends.

You now want Aba residents and businesses to cough out money to assist T. A. Orji in clearing the bushes around the Aba general hospital and for paying workers. Tufiakwa!

The tax and other levies Aba residents  pay is all that they need to contribute.
Stop pitting  any government. No individual or a group can be richer than any state in Nigeria.

Dan. Akusobi,

Aba, Nigeria.


President Obama. (Photo courtesy of WikiMedia.)

If there’s one thing true about President Obama, no matter what one thinks of him, it’s that he elicits strong opinions from everyone. Whether they are rooted in love, hate, or even that murkier middle ground somewhere in between, folks seem pretty rooted to their beliefs about Obama as a President, an American, and as a man. Virtually any topic out there – abortion, gay rights, foreign policy, race relations, you name it – U.S. citizens have a strong stance on how Obama is handling himself on it, and in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman weighs in, as well, in a cover story titled “In Defense of Obama,” despite being a frequent critic of the president.


According to Slate on Obama:

President Obama’s approval rating is pretty low right now (44 percent per Gallup, down from the mid-50s since the start of his second term), and Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight site projects that Republicans have a 56 percent chance of winning the Senate.

Yet, Krugman argues in the Stone article that despite the president’s “surveillance-state policies” (and one might add police-state enabling throughout the country), Obama has done an amazing job considering the mess (to put it politely) he inherited from Fmr. President George W. Bush. In light of where he started, Krugman argues that Obama has been highly successful in at least pointing the country back into the right direction as we continue to dig ourselves out of the Great (Don’t-Call-It-A-Depression) Recession.

Krugman also goes on to talk about the Affordable Care Act, stating that it’s not perfect, exactly, but that it’s a start, a nice step forward, noting how much more it’s proven to be successful than anticipated already.

Touching on financial reform, Krugman was perhaps the most critical. After all, the President who ran on the “Change” ticket has now become known as just another Wall St. president; however, even there Krugman states that Obama’s “reform” has been more successful than it may initially appear. This could be due, perhaps, to the slow, uphill battle he faced when taking office, considering the actions and policies of the last administration. Still, Obama has not distanced himself enough from the Wall St. vultures to make a majority of Americans feel comfortable. Had he done so, perhaps the country would have fared better beneath the onslaught of Republican obstructive behavior throughout Obama’s presidency. Krugman points out, though, that America’s financial recovery, even in spite of Republicans, has moved forward at a better, faster rate than in many other “advanced” countries.

Oh! And Krugman also had the gall to say that Obama’s lasting “major legacy” may end up being his environmental policy.

Just pay no attention to that fracker behind the curtains!

Because President Obama does elicit such strong reactions from Americans, there is little doubt that Krugman’s praise of Obama, calling him “one of the most successful Presidents in American history,” will get people jumping into debate all over the place as to why they feel that is true or the biggest piece of horse-shite to grace the pages of Rolling Stone in decades, which according to recent Stone critics such as Jack White, would be a pretty tall order to fill.

One could go on and on about both Obama’s accomplishments and short-comings as a President, all over-shadowed by the former presidency and the fact that he is recognized as the “first black President” of the United States. Race issues have bored through the woodwork from the start, as well. And while one may have doubts as to the President’s sincerity and the job he is or isn’t doing in the White House, one thing folks can be sure of is that Krugman’s assessment of President Obama will get people talking.

H/T: Slate

(Photo of President Obama courtesy of WikiMedia)

“I Never Collected A Dime From Akpabio, I Will Contest And Win ” – Chief Assam

An allegation of N100 million bribe has put the Akwa Ibom state Governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio at daggers drawn with a 2015 governorship aspirant and former Nigeria’s Ambassador to Russia, Chief Assam Assam.
Already there is wide speculations in the state especially from government circles and opponents opposed to Chief Assam that he had two weeks ago collected N100 million bribe from the governor to step down from the immediate past Secretary to the State Government Mr. Udom Emmanuel who is widely speculated as the government preferred aspirant for 2015 governorship race in the state.

Assam Assam

Assam Assam

Last week Emmanuel was received in Eket federal Constituency and news went virile that Assam was to address the rally and announce his stepping down.
But this was not the case as same day that the rally or reception was going on in Eket, Chief Assam was in the National Secretariat of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) collecting his nomination form for the 2015 governorship race.
Putting the records straight, Chief Assam in a press statement said, “on Tuesday 7th of October (2014), I met with the governor in his residence in Abuja and I notified him of my return to Nigeria. I informed him that I was contesting the governorship election of Akwa Ibom state in spite of the fact that he has his candidate. I told him all I was asking for was a level playing field were all the candidates (aspirants) would be given an opportunity to fairly contest the primaries.
“The governor assured me that in spite of his interest, he will ensure that everybody has an opportunity to contest the congress fairly and in spite of the allegations that there will be violence or no violence, he can assure us of the security in the state”.
According to Chief Assam, “I also told him that I heard he wrote a petition against me for calling him a murderer. I told him I never called him a murderer. That the same newspaper that published that I called him a murderer, said he (Akpabio) was going to kill all of us who were not going to contest the election through him that we are opposed to his candidate”.
Chief Assam stated that for the governor to come out to deny the fact that he never said a thing like that, “I told him, it was ironical that he could believe what that same newspaper published against me when he denied what that same newspaper published against him.
“I told him that I was going to make a public statement in that regards and the public statement I have made but unfortunately I was told a day after that the governor is said to have told some people that I collected N100 million from him and that I was not contesting the election anymore. The people alleged he told the story to, are my political opponents who have also come out to make capital of it.
“I want to make it very clear that I have at no time collected any money from Godswill. I did not ask, I was not given, I did not demand and I have not received. I never told Godswill Akpabio that I was not contesting any election. I told him that I will contest the election and in fact the following day I proceeded to even buy my forms. So the issue of contesting or not contesting the election does not arise.
“I only asked for his support and I told him that I knew who he was supporting already. I want to put it on record that at no time did I ask and I was never given. I think they are trying to spin the story to achieve a certain purpose. But at the same time I doubt if Godswill Akpabio ever made a statement like that because that is what never happened. I never collected nor demanded any money neither did you offer. I at no time offered to step”.
Chief Assam appealed to his teaming supporters to ignore such blackmail and remain steadfast for the D-day which is the primaries and “by God’s grace I will emerge the governor of Akwa Ibom state come 2015”.
The State Governor who in several occasions promised all aspirants a level playing ground in the 2015 elections, advised people of the state to desist from rumour mongering and blackmail as issues like this are aimed at creating disaffection in the state.

-Weekly Insight Newspapers

Breaking News! Akwa Ibom Guber: Nduese Essien under fire over Udom’s endorsement

eket elders 2 – As Gen. Etukudo, Sen. Etang Umoyo, ors dismiss endorsement claim – Insist Eket Fed Const has not endorse anybody By Franklyn ISONG

It is not yet uhuru for the immediate past secretary to Akwa Ibom State Government and one of the Peoples Democratic Party’s 2015 governorship aspirants, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel as his bid to secure endorsement of his Eket Federal constituency has hit the rock.

This follows a press statement issued by some major stakeholders and elders of the area under the auspices of “Eket Federal Constituency Elders Forum, Akwa Ibom State- Nigeria”; titled; “The purported adoption/endorsement of Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel as the sole gubernatorial aspirant (2015) from Eket federal constituency: An open lie” which was made available to RADAR newspapers this morning.

In the one-page advertorial, the elders asserted that they were aware of the reception ceremony organised by the four local government council chairmen of Eket, ONNA, Ibeno and Esit Eket which made up the federal constituency on Tuesday, October 14, 2014, in honour of Udom Emmanuel, which the sole purpose was to present him as the only governorship aspirant from the federal constituency in the 2015.

The strong worded statement signed by Gen. Anthony D. Etukudo OON (Rtd), Senator Etang Umoyo, Pastor Abang O. Abang, Prof. Etie B. Akpan, Chief Bassey Essien and Dr. Etuk Essien Etuk whipped the former minister of Lands and Urban Renewal, whom, according to them, was the chairman on the said reception event, saying that “Rt. Hon. Chief Nduese Essien who was visibly in pains to present Mr. Udom Emmanuel as the sole aspirant from Eket Federal Constituency did so only to justify his benefits and personal interest, and so with every other person who spoke in that vein.

They stated that the people of Eket Federal constituency have not adopted or endorsed Udom Emmanuel or any other person for that matter as their sole governorship aspirant, maintaining that the former minister did not get their authority to speak for the federal constituency.

“Chief Nduese Essien has no mandate whatsoever and did not speak for or on behalf of Ekid people or Eket federal constituency but for himself and himself alone,” the elders stated.

They said that Eket federal constituency prides itself with the impressive array of very well qualified governorship aspirants who are seasoned politicians, fit to be governor and capable of leading Akwa Ibom state to a higher level of development, warning that; “even a cursory look at the array gubernatorial aspirants from the federal constituency reveals that the man the incumbent government is laboring hard to foist on the people cannot, by any imagination, be the best of them all to be so endorsed.”

They noted that all their sons and daughters including Udom have equal rights and have earned their approval to seek for any political office in the land, “but we caution that such aspirations and process should be devoid of underhand tactics. “We are constrained to issue this statement so that the gullible and vulnerable masses in Eket federal constituency, in Akwa Ibom state and in Nigeria would not be misguided and deceived by a few of their self-seeking elders.

“We further request the state, local government and ward chapters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom state to comply with the directives of the national working committee (NWC) of the party that no aspirant should be endorsed by the party prior to the primary elections and that a level playing field should be provided for all the aspirants to test their acceptability by their people,” the press statement read. (See full text of the Press Statement): EKET FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY ELDERS FORUM AKWA IBOM STATE – NIGERIA


We are aware that on Tuesday October 14, 2015, a reception ceremony in houour of one of our sons, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel was held at the Eket Township Stadium. The said reception was anchored by the Local Government Council Chairmen of Eket, ONNA, Ibeno and Esit Eket which constitute the Federal Constituency. The veiled purpose of the reception ceremony, though known well in advance by every discerning adult in the Federal Constituency and in Akwa Ibom State generally, manifested on that day. It was to present Mr. Udom Emmanuel, the incumbent Secretary to Akwa Ibom State Government (SSG) as the one and only Governorship Aspirant (2015) endorsed by the people of Eket Federal Constituency. This is where the collective deceit of the known and the unannounced organizers and sponsors of that ceremony burst.

We hereby state categorically and unequivocally and wish to put on record that:-

(I) The People of Eket Federal Constituency have NOT adopted or endorsed Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel or any other person for that matter as their sole Gubernatorial Aspirant.

(II) The Chairman on that reception/deception ceremony, Rt. Hon. Chief Nduese Essien who was visibly in pains to present Mr. Udom Emmanuel as the sole aspirant from Eket Federal Constituency did so only to justify his benefits and personal interest, and so with every other person who spoke in that vein.

(III) Chief Nduese Essien has no mandate whatsoever and did not speak for or on behalf of Ekid People or Eket Federal Constituency but for himself and himself alone.

(IV) The Eket Federal Constituency prides herself on the impressive array of very well qualified Aspirants who are seasoned politicians, fit to be Governor and capable of leading Akwa Ibom State to a higher level of development. Even a cursory look at the array of the Gubernatorial Aspirants from the Federal Constituency reveals that the man the incumbent Government is labouring hard to foist on the people cannot, by any imagination, be the best of them all to be so endorsed.

(V) All our sons and daughters including Mr. Udom Emmanuel have equal rights and have earned our approval to seek for any political office in the land, but we caution that such aspirations and process should be devoid of underhand tactics. We are constrained to issue this statement so that the gullible and vulnerable masses in Eket Federal Constituency, in Akwa Ibom State and in Nigeria would not be misguided and deceived by a few of their self-seeking elders.

We further request the State, Local Government and Ward Chapters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom State to comply with the directives of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party that no aspirant should be endorsed by the party prior to the primary elections and that a level playing field should be provided for all the aspirants to test their acceptability by their people.


We are also aware of the ludicrous claims by some misinformed people and sections of the state that Akwa Ibom State was created on the basis of and rests on a tripod of three ethnic groups only. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are more than three ethnic groups (which of course we see as dialectal groups) in Akwa Ibom State and each and everyone of these groups has equal and in alienable rights to the highest political office in this State and in the Nigerian Federation. The claims of the tripod of Ibibio, Annang and Oron as the only ones to produce a Governor of the State are to say the least spurious. This claim would constitute a perpetual exclusion of others who do not belong to these groups from holding the office of the Governor of the State. It would amount to a condemnation of those other groups to lesser citizens.

It was to avert such atavistic and warped thinking that the Nigerian Constitution spells out the rights and privileges of Nigerian citizens. The constitution of the various political parties also make provisions not to allow political office remain in perpetuity in any particular zone. The Nigerian state is governed on the basis of Wards, Local Government Areas, State Constituencies, Federal Constituencies, Senatorial Districts, States and Geo-political zones. Appointments at the Federal level are usually done to reflect the Federal Character on the basis of States and Geo-political zones not ethnic balance.

In the present dispensation in Akwa Ibom State, the antecedents and natural justice demand that the Governorship position goes to Eket Senatorial District. In the Senatorial District the Senate position is for Oron Federal Constituency based on the established principle of rotation and the Governorship position sits four-square in Eket Federal Constituency. Ikot Abasi Federal Constituency has produced three successive Deputy Governors in the last eight years and Oron Federal Constituency had earlier produced a Deputy Governor in Akwa Ibom State. It is to be noted that since the creation of Akwa Ibom State twenty seven years ago Eket Federal Constituency has neither produced a Governor nor a Deputy Governor. The time to produce a Governor from Eket Federal Constituency is now.

There is so much avoidable tension in the polity and everybody feels it. We therefore plead that our governments at all levels, our elders, youths and women should not, by acts of omission or commission or through incendiary pronouncements exacerbate the already bad situation.

God save Akwa Ibom State Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

General A. D. Etukudo, Psc +; Mni, OON Senator Etang E. Umoyo – Fmr. Commissioner & Member, CRS Executive Council Pastor Abang O. Abang – Fmr. Commissioner & Member AKS Executive Council Professor Etie B. Akpan – Fmr. Special Adviser to AKS Governor Chief (Barr) Bassey Essien – Fmr Speaker, AKHA Dr. E. Nssien Etuk – Secretary of the Forum & Secretary BoT, EPU


Gay medical doctor sodomizes SHS boy.

Joy News investigation has uncovered the activities of a gay medical doctor who puts the lives of his victims in danger.

Dr. Sulley Ali-Gabass, a senior medical officer at Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital in Takoradi, had anal sex with a 16-year-old senior secondary school student who has now been diagnosed of HIV/AIDS.

In the first of a two-part investigative series, Joy News’ Manasseh Azure Awuni tells the story of this sixteen year old boy whose life took a tragic turn after he met Dr. Ali-Gabass.

Aziz, who has been given an alias for the purposes of this report, is a 16 year old boy. A second year student of a senior high school.

He met a man on facebook he took as his role model. In September last year, Aziz met Dr. Sulley Ali-Gabass for the first time where he was convinced into having sex with the doctor.

Aziz says after the first sexual encounter, he got angry with the doctor and deleted his contacts both on facebook and on his phone but the doctor threatened to expose him. He narrated how the doctor blackmailed him and forced him to have sex with him on subsequent occasions.

Aziz says his last sexual encounter with Dr. Ali-Gabass ended with severe cuts and pain in his anus.

But Aziz lied to medical officers at health facilities he visited for treatment. The sores in his anus became so severe he had to undergo surgery at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

A nurse who does not want to be identified said his condition was critical when he came to hospital.

When Manasseh spoke to Aziz on his hospital bed, he could not sit or lie on his back. He was in severe pain.

But the sixteen year-old who wanted to be a pharmacist, has more to worry about than the pain in his anus.

He has tested positive for HIV and he believes he contracted the virus through his sexual encounters with Dr. Ali-Gabass.

Aziz has confided in his mother, but cannot face the consequences of breaking this story to his father.

So who is Dr. Sulley Ali-Gabass? Does he agree or deny these allegations leveled against him? In the second part of this series which will air same time tomorrow on Joy 99.7 FM, Manasseh Azure Awuni will tell you about his meeting with Dr. Sulley Ali-Gabass.

Nigeria: Alleged Witchcraft – Children Tortured, Abandoned in the Forest, In Akwa Ibom

Uyo — In spite of the law against child abuse and other related offences by the Akwa Ibom State Government, the menace of witchcraft allegation, torture and neglect of children has continued unabated in some parts of the state, with the latest being the torture and abandonment of two children.

In Okobo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, eight years old Miss Mary Emmanuel Odiong and Master Ekong Asua, were severely tortured, brutalized and chased away from homes by their parent and relatives on allegation of being witches.

One of the victims, Mary Emmanuel Odiong who narrated her ordeals to Daily Independent over the weekend explained that the drama started some few weeks ago, when a relative of hers died in their community, Okopedi Village, of an ailment suspected to be Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and, days after the burial she was accused of being responsible for the death of her uncle.Godswill-Akpabio

“The people in my family called me and began to ask me questions whether I am a wizard and why did I kill my uncle, I told them that I do not know anything about what they are talking about.

“They started to torture me, they used hot cutlass in beating me, they cut my buttocks with the knife and I became unconscious only to find myself in a nearby bush. I have been living on the streets since last month without food and shelter”, Mary said with sobs.

Another victim, Master Ekong Asua from Oti Oro village in Okobo Local Government Area narrated that his mother and father died weeks ago of some ailments he does not know.

“My uncles said they had gone to somewhere to find out why my parents died and they were told that I am responsible. They tied my hands and started beating me with native sugar-cane, asking me to confess.

“When I insisted that I knew nothing about the death of my parents, they took me to a bush where I met Mary Emmanuel. We have both been living on the streets since then”.



2015 Desperation- Kidnappers Return to Akwa Ibom! *Akpabio’s aide fingered

Barely few months to the 2015 general elections in Akwa Ibom State, insecurity and other life-threatening activities gave returned. This, Weekend Global Post learnt the action is to further create fears and tension amongst the feeble-minded, but popular contestants, thereby forgoing their ambitions.

In a recent development, a socialite and businessman, Iboro Otu has made charges of attempted kidnap and assassination against Mr Emanuel Ekpenyong- Bassey, one of the key loyalists of Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state.

Mr. Otu names himself the victim of the plot. And he has since written a petition against the Governor’s aide, who is the Personal Assistant to Governor Akpabio on Youth Mobilisation.

The petition handled by Garland Chambers and under signed by Paul Omoluabi Esq has been sent to the offices of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), the Director General of the State Security Service (SSS) and the National Security Adviser (NSA).

Four other individuals are allegedly involved in the plot along with Ekpenyong – Bassey, who is also the Youth Leader of the Akwa Ibom State branch of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP.

The petition reads in part, “Attempted Kidnapping, Attempted Murder and Threat to Life by the Personal Assistant to the Governor of Akwa Ibom State on Youth Mobilisation/The PDP Youth Leader, Akwa Ibom State – Emmanuel Bassey Ekpenyong and Four Others.”- the stated in parts…

“We act as solicitors to Mr. Iboro Otu (herein after referred to as “our Client”) and on whose unequivocal instructions we write in the following regards. That on 3rd September, 2013, our Client was in Uyo for the burial of the father of a family friend of his (name withheld) at Ogu Itu Mbonuso, in Ini Local Government Area.

“Thereafter, our Client commenced his return to Uyo, but unknown to him, some young men had taken down his car details and had been trailing him with the criminal intention of kidnapping him so as to eventually kill him. As our client approached a turn 10 minutes away from Itak Junction in Uyo Local Government Area and bent down toward his passenger’s seat to pick up his mobile phone which had fallen from the dashboard onto the seat, an unmarked car with four men brandishing firearms, double-crossed him and commanded him to alight from the vehicle or he will be shot dead on the spot.

‘“Our Client was able to escape from the scene by screeching his car around through the bush and speeding off even at the risk of being shot at, but was chased by these assailants. Upon the pursuit, our Client drove to an Army unit at Itak Junction and immediately reported the incident and further informed the military officers that the assailants were on their way towards the Army unit. Few minutes after this report, the assailants arrived with one Mr. Emmanuel Bassey Ekpenyong better known as Iraq at the Army unit and they were apprehended immediately and unexpectedly. Our client immediately identified one of the assailants

‘ one of them identified himself as Mr. Emmanuel Bassey Ekpenyong, the Akwa Ibom State Governor’s Personal Assistant and referred to his fellow assailants as “his boys” pleading earnestly for their release – the  plea, the officers were said to have turned down. Mr. Ekpenyong then entreated Otu for forgiveness, stating that he (Otu) had been mistaken for somebody else while offering to pay for the repair of the damaged vehicle. At that point, Otu was said to have left the issue to be resolved at the discretion of the police.

’We appeal to your most esteemed office to urgently deploy the resources at your disposal in investigating, ordering the arrest of all persons directly and remotely involved in the kidnap and murder attempt of our Client who is presently unsafe and worries about his security and unknown vehicles are always trailing him in and out of Uyo.’

The development which hints at setting up of a militia by the Government of Akwa Ibom State to silence opposition is currently being investigated.

Meanwhile, following the development, many citizens of the state have so far relocated from Akwa Ibom State to foreign lands for the fear of being attacked by the prevailing circumstances engineered by desperate politicians who want power by all means.

Akpabio's Aid

Akpabio’s Aid, Emmanuel Bassey

Mr Emanuel Ekpenyong- Bassey

Global Post Newspaper