Photo News: UNIPORT Students Murder In Cold Blood At Port Harcourt

UniPort Murder in the Nude

These pictures chronicled how four UNIPORT students who were allegedly caught “stealing” phones and laptops were mobbed and killed in Port Harcourt by Allu people of River State in a bizarre and most barbaric manner ever seen before even when they could have been handed over to law enforcement agents.

Uniport Students murder

This is not the first time this kind of killing has taken place. Suspected robbers and burglars are often lynched even in the presence of security operatives. Many have questioned the rational behind this kind of  jungle justice taking place across the country when billions of dollars are stolen every day while big thieves are hailed and worshiped.

Uniport Murder in cold blood

Uniport Student murder over phone theft

24 thoughts on “Photo News: UNIPORT Students Murder In Cold Blood At Port Harcourt


  2. the law makers should pass a law against such acts and any one found in the act should be sentenced to 10 years if not killed

  3. There are no human beings with either souls or the fear of God in that Aluu, dat place should be wiped out with very soul in it. Smshhhhh….

  4. God knows that if any of the guys were to be anyone related to me, walai, they go know say Bin Laden neva die, and of course 911 go happen again and this time it will be in ‘ALUU’ or what eva it is called.

  5. Well, for me, i dont think these guys are hungry. They look too fresh to steal ordinary laps and fones. This act was really a crazy one. It just shows how wickedness lies in heart of an ordinary nigerian, not to speak of the influencials. Its a pitty the law enforcement agency could not be found anywhere around. Shame on this country. Everything has gone completely bad and no body can even think right. The porverty level in this country has hardened the hearts of those who are supposed ccto have the fear of God…. God bless Nigeria

  6. The hands of God will not only wroth imminent judgement on the people of allu, will punished the federal govt,state govt, local govt, the nas but will take from them that which is important & dear to them if they refuse to bring to book the entire people of allu to book.

  7. Jesus! My hrt bleeds 4 dis young boys, hw on earth shuld people b dis wicked? The people behind dis killing shuld not b left unpunished. & as 4 d Victims may their soul rest in peace if truly dey are innocent of wat eva crime dat has warrant dis unjustified death

  8. Oh God! Wat a hell has dis guys suffered on earth? Bt 4 dis kind issue y can’t they hand over to security agency even if at all their ar criminals, after they must have been maltreated they may repent. Jst luk at wat sm1 have mind nd treat his fellow being nd even d mature men nd women nobody can even av pitty tink how u suffer wen pregnant n time of nursing ur children, how painful it is. Oh MOTHERS OF OUR NATION, PLS SHOW MOTHER LOVE COX U DNT KNW WAT UR OWN CHILDREN MAY COMMIT 2MORROW BT WE DNT PRAY 4 BAD EVET. May God help we mothers especially. I dnt knw dem bt i share tears 4 does plumpy guys cox i am a mother, i can’t c such n kip quite.

  9. Chika
    this is demonic! i can’t stand the scene. my heart is breeding. where are we heading to with this evil heart of ours. Nigeria is 52yrs today yet such evil act is still taking place in our nation. Oh God! help this nation. we are no where to be found! Security where were you when this drama was on! Nigerian Govt please do not be ignorant of these diverses. that a mum will suffer and bring up a child to this stage of life and at a twinkle of an eye, he is wiped away without trial of any sorts

  10. Dis allu town need to bomb dey ar wicked dan setan if dat if i hav pawer i for don bomb all dem nigrian army abeg una make u people bomb allu dat king need to kill.

  11. One thing i know is that,alluu people can never go unpunished.even if it will take decayeds i believe…

  12. I travelled to Nigeria twice in 2006 and 2008 and I couldn’t stomach being there.I am an ECOWAS citizen but I can’t/will never to go Nigeria ever again.Nigeria is a lost country.I feel sorry for the few good Nigerians who have nowhere to go.

  13. The entire generations of this actors are caused for life.The blood of this innocent wIll ever remain with them.May the souls of this students and the souls of all the faithful departed RIP.AMEN

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