Chief Awolowo

Zik of Africa






Zik and Awo, the Achilles that fought the war of independent, political genius that knows their onions and two important figures in history of Nigeria politics. Finest nationalist Nigeria ever produces. Charismatic and visionary leaders, that preaches same gospel of self government, freedom from colonial rule and one Nigeria. Their achievements can be traced back to their respective region (east and west) in area of education, agriculture, infrastructure and provision of social amenities, health to speak of view, as a regional premier.

Their party manifestos hitherto remain the best programs and plans ever prepared by any political party or leader in the history of Nigeria. It could have been a guiding compass in steering the ship of the nation to a safe haven. Their track records of achievements make them a respected figure both within and outside the country.

With all this praises and encomium, Zik and Awo are two parallel lines that should have met but never meet. Actors that fought for actualisation of self rule in Nigeria but never enjoy it. The dual could have formed a formidable government that money can buy but fail to reach a consensus. Zik and Awo failure to form a coalition government remain the greatest undoing, a mistake that put us into perpetual darkness. It also take turn on their political career, reducing them to mere ceremonial and opposition leader, with later charged for treason and sentence. A failure that brought to power the party that barely understand the meaning of self government and who is not prepare for it.

Zik Greatest Mistake 1959

Zik’s greatest mistake was that he declined to form a coalition government with the AG after the general election in 1959. The actual results were: NPC 134 seats; NCNC 81; AG 73; NEPU 8; Mabolaje Grand Alliance (Ibadan party) 6; Igala Union 4; Igbira Tribal Union 1; Niger Delta Congress1; Independents 4. If the NCNC’s (81 seats) accepted to coalesce with the Action Groups’s (73 seats), surely, other parties would have joined to put the NPC in the Opposition. A decision by Zik to form coalition government with NPC turn him to Balewa puppet and toothless bull dog, a decision that mortgage the Igbo’s political career.

Awo Greatest Mistake 1967

Awo became pronounce and more relevant in the new government form by the military boys. But his moment of mistake came when he decided to aligned with Nigeria to fight against Biafra Republic. If Awo agree with Ojukwu on Aburi, the forceful marriage of 1914 and that of 1959 could have been dissolved but here we were today battling with those mistakes of our finest leaders to marry south and west with this inhuman people that seek nothing but blood of innocent souls.

Any further romance with Northern leaders will never yield any positive result but create perpetual set back, Tunibu should be warned.

MKO is a good example, he decided to wine and dine with Babagida thinking that he would become Nigeria president. He pay dearly for it with his life, Babagida is still living. Tinubu should stop his romance with Buhari. A call for political referendum on the future of Nigeria is highly necessary, average Nigerian must speak. Marriage of 98yrs old without any meaning outcome need to be dissolve, each region is old enough to cater for herself.

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